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Influencer Marketing, Brand, & Digital Strategy Thought Leader

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Jason's Story

Jason Is an American entrepreneur who is considered one the top influencer marketing pros in the world according to Forbes. He has also built three multimillion-dollar businesses utilizing influencers to establish his brands.has personal relationships with over 250+ influencers and has worked with over 1,000 influencers and 30+ brands creating authentic influencer content. Jason is currently the founder & CEO of Santa Claus Affect.

Successful Serial Entrepreneur


Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Jason is the co-founder of Challenged, YouBetMe, Coolbox, & 123Wish. Jason serves as an advisor to Dollar Beard Club, Swish Analytics, Onkore, and 15+ other companies. Jason is also a member of the Young Entrepreneurial Council, a board member of the non-profit Deedly, and a mentor at his Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s center of innovation and entrepreneurship which is the seventh ranked entrepreneurship program in the country.

​Jason is a passionate entrepreneur and consultant who translates vision into reality. A naturally charismatic leader with significant and successful experience developing products and spearheading company initiatives that offer users ease, convenience, and entertainment.

Fascinated with the game-changing commercial implications of social media, Jason has pioneered programs, processes, and the persuasive playbook to vault his clients over the idle heads of their competitors. He has the unique insights to put your online visibility “on steroids” through a potent recipe of precision reach, carefully gauged frequency and magnetic content. Clients working with Jason report deeper client engagement, fresh commercial opportunity, and a rejuvenated business momentum. Always on point, creatively inspiring and displaying work-horse stamina, Jason has the tools you need today to improve your tomorrows.

Jason is interested in new opportunities related to advising startups and consulting brands on how to properly use influencer marketing to generate brand awareness, social growth, and sales.


30+ major brands


30+ major brands

Jason has worked personally with 30+ major brands ( Sprint, Walgreens, Kind Bar, Hotel Tonight) running social influencer marketing campaigns, shaping digital strategy and building internal social ambassador programs. Jason works with B2B & B2C CEOs and senior leaders to identify and analyze influencer marketing opportunities and challenges, capabilities needed for strategic execution, and increasing ROI of digital marketing spend.

Jason Neubauer

Jason Neubauer is a highly sought after speaker. Jason's customized presentations feature brand-new insights, building startups, and his own personal journey to success.

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